Adding a commercial elevator to your business can be a fantastic way to enhance the accessibility of your business for all clientele. To protect your investment, as well as the safety of your guests, regular maintenance and upkeep is a must. Here are a few top reasons to make sure your elevators are routinely serviced, as well as a few tips to keep things running smoothly between visits.


As we mentioned above, one of the most important reasons to ensure your equipment is up to date is the safety of your guests. Elevators that are used regularly are subject to wear and tear that will eventually making operating the unit a hazard if left unattended. To stop risk in its track, keep your checks in rotation.


Ever experienced a jerky ride up full of hitches, stops, and worrisome whirring? These are all avoidable hiccups when routine maintenance is observed. By taking the time to check that everything is working as it should, you guarantee your guests a much smoother lift.


When it comes to guarding your investment, preventive checks are your ally. Elevators require periodic adjustments, lubrication and consistent examination to keep working in prime condition. Keeping a close eye on things allows you to catch small issues before they become costly problems that shut down operation altogether.

4 Tips Between Checks

Always Keep a Log

Keeping a log of all repairs, scheduled visits, and general operating conditions will make it far easier for technicians to diagnose issues should the need arise, but will also allow you to monitor the overall performance of your elevator. It’s important to make sure your log entries are consistent and detailed, to make sure you have a reliable account to look back at.

Perform Weekly Inspections

Care for your equipment doesn’t just fall to the professionals. Taking a hands-on approach by inspecting your lifts as often as possible will allow you to identify signs of trouble early on and keep your equipment running smoother, longer.

Don’t Delay Minor Upkeep

While they may not directly affect the operation of your unit, things like burnt out bulbs or squeaky wheels should be dealt with as soon as possible.

Watch Your Weight Limit

One of the most prevalent issues that cause expedited wear and tear on elevators is the maximum weight limit being exceeded. If this occurs consistently, the equipment can quickly deteriorate, making it a hazard and a costly repair. If you find that your staff routinely rely on the elevator to transport oversized, heavy objects, it may be time to look into installing a dedicated service elevator.

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