What is a Space Elevator?

A space elevator is a proposed type of space transportation system. The main component would be a cable (also called a tether) anchored to the surface and extending into space. The design would permit vehicles to travel along the cable from a planetary...

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The 9 Layers of Elevator Heck

Elevators are wonderful – it’s the people that ride on them that can be a pain! When you’re in an elevator with one of these 9 types of people, every floor feels like an eternity. Drunk people, people who stand too close, people who bring too much onto the...

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Inside the Amoeba Music Elevator

Amoeba Music is a US independent music chain with stores in Berkeley, San Francisco, and Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. Founded by former employees of nearby Rasputin Records, it opened on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley in 1990. The image above is of...

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Crafting an Elevator Pitch

Introducing Your Company Quickly and Compellingly (Also known as an Elevator Speech or Elevator Statement) You've just bumped into a former client at the airport. After exchanging pleasantries, he asks you what your new company does. You open your mouth,...

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Why Elevator Close Buttons Don’t Work

Even if your building has an up-to-date elevator that runs with all the speed and precision of a Swiss watch, you've likely found yourself waiting the maddening extra few seconds for the doors to finally close, furtively pushing the close button and wondering why...

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