At ElPro Elevators, we are proud to be authorized dealer and installer for the Stiltz home lift line. As a dedicated supporter of Canadian (we’re located in Calgary, Alberta) manufacturers, we are happy to have such a unique line in our inventory. Read on to find out a few reason why a Stiltz Lift may be best for your home!

Compact and Efficient

Among the top selling features of the Stiltz line are the following:

Small in size – the Duo Home Elevator takes up less than seven sf and can be placed at any angle, making it easily to fit in constricted places.

Energy efficient – The Stiltz line uses a comparatively lower power consumption than competitors, saving you money in both the long and short-term.

Fast Installation – The modular sections build of the elevators make it easy to transport to site and reduces installation time significantly.

Reliable Alternative to a Traditional Stairlift

Rather than having to go through the hassle of altering your staircase with a lift, Stiltz elevators are freestanding and do not require major alterations to your existing structure. The units are designed to fit into your home with ease and minimal disruption.

Varied Sizing and Uses

Stiltz Duo Lift is capable of carrying two passengers up a floor within 30 seconds, providing easy transport for homeowners. The Trio Lift is wheelchair friendly and takes up less than 13 ½ sf, making accessible living easy.

Multiple Installation Options

One of the best features of the Stiltz line is the wide range of uses. The elevators do not require any external mechanisms or load-bearing walls, making them the perfect option for retrofits, filling stairwell voids, garage installations, and more!

We welcome any questions you may have about Stiltz projects, along with home elevators in general, commercial applications, and more. Our team of experts is happy to help! Contact ustoday to learn more!

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