Since its invention, elevators were used primarily in commercial buildings and, in rare instances, in the homes of those who can afford them. However, as the cost of elevators has dropped, the idea of installing one in your home is no longer limited to a select few.

Home Elevators Increase Property Value

For many homebuyers, the idea of a pre-installed elevator may be a deciding factor. Adding an elevator to your home will add to your appraisal value and potentially raise your resale price. A home elevator will allow you to appeal to a larger pool of prospective buyers. For instance, a home elevator may make your residence more attractive to senior and other buyers with decreased mobility.

Residential elevators are becoming more affordable and popular, and many Canadians are adding them to their homes to give it more character. It’s wise to think of an elevator as an investment, as you may be the first house on your street to have one!
Increased Mobility and Safety

You may not think about it, but stairs are responsible for innumerable accidents in homes across North America. Indeed, with the invention of home elevators, the potential danger of stairs, especially for elderly members of society and young children, are becoming highlighted. For instance, a home elevator has virtually no risk associated with it. Indeed, pneumatic vacuum elevators are easy for anyone of any age to safely operate and reduce common accidents such as falling down the stairs.

Allows Residents to Stay Independent

Getting older is an unfortunate reality, and you may find yourself becoming less mobile and weaker than you expected to be. Of course, an elevator will allow you to access all areas of your house regardless of your mobility issues.

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