The Synergy Lula by Niagara Belco ‘Limited Use Limited Application’ Elevators (LULA) are also referred to as Small Commercial Elevators or ADA Compliant Elevators) by LULA Elevator manufacturers. The LULA Elevator definition can best be described as: “a practical solution for meeting accessibility challenges in multi-story commercial buildings”. The LULA Elevator Code falls into a special section of the National Elevator Code ASME A-17.1/CSA B-44, Section 5.2

This type of elevator can travel up to 25’ (some jurisdictions allow higher travel) at 30 fpm and has a maximum weight capacity of 1400lbs. As compared to a wheelchair lift, the LULA provides a higher capacity and hence can be considered a heavy duty accessibility solution. For the installation of a LULA Lift Elevator, there is no need for a deep pit. This type of pitless elevator can ease access to your business or office for customers with disabilities or elderly customers.