Custom-designed Passenger Elevator systems are one of our specialties. While elevators are typically manufactured in pre-engineered standard sizes for both affordability and engineering requirements, we can provide custom designs to fit code and customer requirements to get that perfect fit for your building.

Twin Jack Holeless Hydraulic System

This design uses (2) jacks, one on each side of the car, positioned between the platform and the hoistway wall. Single stage jacks are used for low travel, typically on 2 stop cars up to 14 ft. Two stage jacks are used for travel up to 28 to 30 feet (typically 3 to 4 stops)

Advantages of Holeless Hydraulic Elevators

The jacks are located above ground, thereby eliminating the need to drill a jack hole and also eliminating the risk of oil contamination. This car type will also accommodate low and high capacity cars.