Pitless Elevators & lifts eliminates the need for costly slab cuts and floor-cutting as well as the need for digging below grade, where water seepage could be a problem.

At times, digging a pit may not be an option, especially in older/existing buildings. For example, in buildings such as condos or town homes, cutting into the floor cannot be an option. Furthermore, excavating a pit is not only a difficult task but it is also fairly expensive.

A pitless elevator can help the contractor in avoiding these problems. It eliminates the need for a pit and can be installed on top of already finished floors. These type of elevators are also quite cost and space effective. Pitless lifts are ideal for buildings which have a limited pit or for simplifying new constructions.

We provide custom pitless and shallow pit in ADA elevators, Material lifts (with rider), Wheelchair lifts and Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRC).

The following products are available in Pitless Design:

  • Pitless Freight lifts (Rider Permitted on lift)
  • Pitless Wheelchair lifts
  • Pit less Material Lifts (No Rider Permitted on lift)
  • Pit less Elevators (small Elevators)
  • Pit less Home Elevators