Elevator Maintenance

Why is Elevator Maintenance necessary?

Although elevators are a safe and convenient mode of transporting people between the floors of your residential or commercial building, regular elevator maintenance is essential. As the technology involved has advanced, elevators have gotten safer over the years but still, like all forms of sophisticated equipment sometimes things can and do go wrong.

As part of your preventative maintenance regime, you want to know that your elevator system is fully code-compliant, that it is not in need of modernization, and that no parts or components are in need of replacement.

What is an Elevator Maintenance Agreement?

As the property manager, you will contract with an elevator company to undertake regular maintenance checks. The company provides an Elevator Maintenance Agreement outlining their terms of service. This is where, as the building manager, you must pay attention to the small print.

Some elevator service providers in Calgary avoid spelling out the exact frequency of their on-site inspections by using vague terms like “periodically and systematically examine the elevator equipment.” In some Elevator Maintenance Agreements, the service provider simply neglects to state how many times elevator maintenance will be performed over the course of one year.

While many elevator companies have gone to quarterly or periodic service, at ElPro, we feel that to be effective, elevator maintenance must be performed on a monthly basis. As machines for moving people, elevators need regular inspections and adjustments. Unfortunately, due to rising labor costs, many of them don’t receive the maintenance they need. Even property owners who do have monthly maintenance contracts complain of never seeing it performed until there’s a problem.

As the building owner or manager, you must know if your elevator is being serviced monthly. Check your machine room maintenance log to see if you are getting what you’re paying for.

Does ElPro Elevators provide Elevator Maintenance?

Absolutely! And we have the experience to service all types, brands and ages of elevator systems. Whether you have high speed traction equipment or a two-stop hydraulic elevator, ElPro Elevators has a service program that can be tailored to your needs to ensure the safe and reliable performance of your buildings elevator systems.

We are dedicated to providing the best possible preventive maintenance right from the start. This saves you money by preventing costly future equipment failures and decreased elevator downtime and complaints. Our standard “Oil & Grease” program includes the lubrication of your elevators equipment as required, along with keeping the elevator car and pit clean from debris. We also make minor adjustments to your various elevator components in order to keep your elevator running smoothly and efficiently.

Qualified Elevator Maintenance Mechanics

The key to quality maintenance is properly trained personnel. ElPro’s team is long experience enables us to work on all types of elevators. Our technicians are trained through the Canadian Elevator Industry Educational Program. Additional training is provided by the manufacturers. Continuing education is a priority in order to stay abreast of the newest industry technology.

With our Certified Journeyman Mechanics, you will know that your equipment is in qualified hands. ElPro Elevators provides prompt emergency response 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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