As we mentioned in a previous blog, the concept of having a residential elevator is becoming increasingly more common in today’s market. As a leading provider for Calgary and throughout Alberta, ElPro often faces questions from clients wondering about the benefits of having a home lift system. In addition to the benefits we discussed in our last piece, here are a few more reasons homeowners should consider adding an elevator to their property.

Increased Value and Longevity

We covered this briefly in the previous blog, but the value added by installing an elevator is worth expanding on. Whether you’re looking for an investment property or a home to last into your later years, having a reliable lift system will provide a significant benefit. Not only are units attractive to prospective buyers (usually at a higher resale value) with accessibility needs, but they give you the bonus of being able to stay in your home for the long-term, no matter your circumstances.


One of the most appealing, yet understated, features of a home elevator is the multitude of uses available. Hauling laundry, furniture, and other awkward loads between floors become a breeze, giving your back and joints a break. Most elevators also come with security features that make them safe for all members (including little ones!) to operate, reducing the risk of falls or other accidents.

Space Saver

A common misconception regarding elevators is the thought that they take up more space than a traditional staircase. Modern models are capable of being installed cleanly, and usually, take up less area than and staircase would. With the current trend of “building up” for bigger homes on smaller plots, this is particularly valuable for elderly homeowners, or those wanting to leave space for a more open concept.

Not Just for New Builds

Finally, certain elevators can be retrofitted into an older building. Manufacturers such as Stiltz produce a range of lifts that do not require hydraulics or to be fixed to walls. This makes installation an easy reality for older homes looking for an update.

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